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1) Critically reflect upon different learning needs associated with pupils with specific learning difficulties.

Module title: Meeting the individual needs of children and young people with specific learning difficulties.

learning outcomes which must be covered:

1) critically reflect upon different learning needs associated with pupils with specific learning difficulties.

2) discuss the significance of a range of different intervention stratergies.

3) demonstrate an understanding of the importance of working collaboratively with a wide range of professionals.

General assignment guidance

• Choose one main area of Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) to focus on; eg: autism, dyslexia, speech language and communication. Ensure you focus on the learning needs and how these impact on the student in an education setting. (LO1)

• Aim to choose an SEND for which there is a range of relevant literature, and to look for aspects of it that have provoked debate and difference of opinion ( eg: dyslexia and issues with diagnosis) This gives  you opportunity for critical analysis and reflection rather than description

• Although you must discuss a range of strategies used to support the learning needs, focus particularly on one or two, and ensure you evaluate their effectiveness/impact using evidence. (LO2)

• If you have good reasons why you cannot base your evidence on data from your setting (eg: ethical considerations, lack of reliable data) you can use relevant published research instead. This means your assignment will be based wholly on literature. You must get agreement from your tutor to do this and must explain your reasons in your assignment.

• You may also use a combination of the two: eg: use data from your setting, and then supplement/compare/contrast this with data from published research.

• As well as showing understanding of the importance of collaborative working (LO3), and how it positively impacts on a student’s learning needs; also consider the challenges.

• Look for opportunities to include discussion and critical reflection on the key questions related to SEND; when they are relevant to your specific focus. These will be highlighted in each session and include:

- What do we mean by inclusive practice?

- What are the advantages/disadvantages of labelling children with SEND?

- Is there a tension between the standards agenda of schools and the inclusion agenda?

- Do we need a specific SEND pedagogy or is Quality First teaching enough?

- Do all children with a specific SEND have the same learning needs?

examples of assignment titles

• How effective are nurture groups in supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs in a primary setting. 

• How effective are strategies devised to support the inclusion of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition in mainstream primary schools?

• How can a primary school support and meet the needs of a Year 1 child who has fine and gross motor skills and handwriting difficulties?

• An exploration of the value and impact of multi agency working to support a KS2 child with multi sensory impairment.

• How can a nursery setting ensure that children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) receive the support they need.

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