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Assessment task one requires you to complete a reflective journal outlining your learning and engagement with a range of materials and learning sources across this unit

Assessment Detail

1 Reflective learning journal

Type: Reflection
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Task Description:

Assessment task one (2000 words).

Assessment task one requires you to complete a reflective journal outlining your learning and engagement with a range of materials and learning sources across this unit. Using the ‘Five Rs’ (Bain et al, 1999), you will undertake a process of thinking critically about your learning, your responses to the learning and how you will take that forward into your practice as a teacher in the future.

You will complete five reflections in a total of 400 words each (total word count: 2000).

You must have a range of examples of learning materials including:


-Tutorial activities


- Online materials and activities

  • theories introduced throughout the unit such as critical race theory
  • engagement of a range of course learning materials and literature including Indigenous authored sources
  • application of the 5 Rs in reflecting on your learning experience
  • critical reflection on your social positioning (social, cultural, political, economic) and the impact upon your reaction to engaging with Indigenous Australian peoples and learning
  • consideration of how to apply the learning from your reflection in your practice as a teacher

Five Rs (adapted from: Bain, Ballantyne, Packer & Mills, 1999)

Reporting: what was the source of the learning?

Responding: what were your feelings towards the issue? what was your initial response?

Relating: how did the learning relate to your past and current personal and or professional experiences? why was it significant in the context of learning about Indigenous education?

Reasoning: what theories are relevant in helping to understand and critically reflect on the issue? why do you think you had the initial response and what factors impacted on this?

Reconstructing: why was this a significant learning experience for you as a teacher? how will you take this learning forward into practice?

This task addresses APSTs 1.4 & 2.4

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