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1. Summarise and prioritise the roles, requirements and responsibilities of stakeholders in a live event

MB604 Music Event Management 

Key Information



BA (Hons) in Music Business

Module Code:


Module Level:


Module Credits:


Pre-requisite module or learning:

MB407 Concert Promotion & Tour Management

Module type:


Teaching & Learning

Lectures: 24 x 1.5 Hours

Tutorials: 2 x 30 minutes

Personal Development Time: 163 Hours

Module Summary: MB604 Music Event Management 

This module expands on the skills and competencies gained in MB407 Concert Promotion & Tour Management to offer a practical introduction to the world of events and event management. As such it explores aspects of the live music business including concerts and festivals in the broader context of the contemporary events industry. In support of PM607 Professional Project it will focus on the structures, protocols and processes of event management. 1. Summarise and prioritise the roles, requirements and responsibilities of stakeholders in a live event

You will gain an overview of the industry as a whole, identifying current trends and market forces. You will also develop an understanding of event logistics by examining the creative side of running both indoor and outdoor events from conception to completion. In so-doing the module will introduce such issues as event design, negotiation, legal and contractual obligations and execution. Potential event problems, international events overseas and business events are also included, and you will have an opportunity to begin creating industry-specific documentation such as proposals, risk assessments and contractual documentation.

Aims: MB604 Music Event Management 

ì To understand the structure of events and variety of different types

ì Standard documentation used in the industry will be explored

ì To think coherently and realistically about making events dynamic, creative, professional and successful

Indicative Study Topics

Introduction to event planning and events services across a wide range of practices such as:

ì Meeting client needs

ì Event personnel and roles

ì Accountabilities and communication

ì Budgeting and planning

ì Site and set design

ì Artist, supplier and client management

ì Licensing, risk assessment, health & safety

ì Setting up and marketing your own business

ì The wider events industry:

  • cultural events
  • sports events
  • commercial events
  • weddings and parties
  • international events
  • business events

Teaching & Learning Methods

Teaching and learning will be through lectures, discussion and debate, Q&A, pairwork and classroom research using online resources.

They will also engage with the preparation of actual documentation as in-class exercises, role-play in event construction, the analysis of case studies, and independent e-learning facilitated by Moodle.

Formative Assessment: MB604 Music Event Management 

This module has one item of summative assessment – a case study with 100% weighting. In order to ensure appropriate guidance and preparation for candidates, the delivery of this module will incorporate in-class exercises throughout the year to provide formative feedback on the selection, planning and draft sections of the final summative case study.

In this module such formative exercises will consist of:

ì Tutor supervised in-class small group discussions on a candidate’s choice of subject matter for case study

ì Tutor supervised in-class small group discussions on the design and development of each candidate’s case study

ì Tutor supervised in-class pairs’ exercises to evaluate initial case study drafts

This will allow candidates to receive peer feedback on their work, including on the progress of draft versions of the case study. It will also provide the opportunity for tutor interaction via their supervision of in-class group sessions. By such means candidates will have the opportunity to obtain consistent formative developmental feedback on the planning and progress of their summative case study.

Candidates will also be able to interact with each other for additional peer support via the VLE (Moodle), and to book tutorials with the tutor, module leader and course leader for direct feedback on the progress of their coursework

On completion of this module a successful student will be able to:




Assessment Methods




Outcomes Addressed

Assessment Weighting

Formative/ Summative

Assessment Week


or Group work



Event Management Case Study














Event Management Case Study

Submission Week


Submission Deadline

Please see the module`s Moodle page for specific deadlines

Assessment Weighting



3,500 words


Using the skills learnt in class choose a hypothetical or real event and create a timeline from conception to completion. Along the way identify the variety of tasks that need fulfilling and prepare a document to support that timeline clarifying what needs doing at each stage. Identify potential risks and areas for concern and offer creative suggestions at the conceptual stage to produce an exciting, original event. Your work should be appropriately contextualised and referenced, drawing on appropriate conceptual and practical sources.

Assessed Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes:

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

1. Summarise and prioritise the roles, requirements and responsibilities of stakeholders in a live event

Understand and prioritise the hierarchy involved in event management.

Identify and summarise key competencies within those roles.

Explain and evaluate different logistical responsibilities in the chain of live events.

2. Identify and apply appropriate event planning and management techniques

Demonstrate an introductory understanding of the structure of timelines and planning.

Demonstrate an introductory understanding of legal and contractual documentation.

Produce a detailed budget for a dynamic event

3. Compare and appraise current developments and market trends in the event industry

Identify and appraise contemporary developments in the event industry

Demonstrate an understanding of the broader context of their work, including value, diversity and onward trends in the event industry.

Draw on appropriate conceptual and practical sources.

Submission Details: MB604 Music Event Management 

Turnitin Submission

Submission Location: Moodle Module Page File type: PDF or Word Doc

File Size limit: 40MB

Labelling: student number, module code, and assessment number (see above), e.g. 1234567 XX123 A1

You must submit your work as one single file.

For detailed guidelines on the submission of work for assessment, marking schemes, plagiarism, marking penalties, feedback and all other generic assessment information, please refer to the BIMM Academic Regulations, which are available here: https://www.bimm.ac.uk/governance-and- quality/policies-procedures-and-key-documents/

MB604 Music Event Management 

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