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Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and critical appreciation of the key concepts and topical issues of International Finance.


MSc International Business


International Finance



BMG704  CRN 58519



Businesses now operate in a highly globalised and competitive market where access to, and control of, finances are necessary for survival. This module focuses on the international financial management techniques essential throughout the business life cycle.  The module provides a broad overview of international financial management theory and practices which are imperative to creating and sustaining a successful international business venture. The module probes the financial landscape in which modern day international businesses operate.



The module provides students with and introduction to financial management theory and techniques required for entrepreneurship and managerial decision-making within an international business context.  The module outlines key assumptions made in financial management, including an analysis of capital markets, sources of funds available to a business operating in an international environment and issues likely to affect wealth maximisation. Students will develop financial skills required for planning, and decision making throughout the business life cycle. Students will be required to analyse and interpret international financial statements and key financial data. Consideration will be given to the potential impact of foreign currency movements, which impact on international business transactions and investment in the context of recent international events. Students will develop the skills necessary to integrate international financial theory and practice, while honing their analytical, reflective and decision making skills.


Successful students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and critical appreciation of the key concepts and topical issues of International Finance.
  2. Act autonomously in the analysis of new and/or abstract data using a range of techniques appropriate to the discipline of International Finance, synthesising evidence and critically evaluating complex problems in International Finance.
  3. Be proactive in leadership, work effectively within a team or group as appropriate, make and sustain arguments/alternative points of view related to the discipline of International Finance.
  4. Demonstrate confidence and flexibility in critically evaluating complex problems and the application of appropriate knowledge, tools or methods to their solutions in the context of International Finance.  Be confident in the application of their own judgement.


  • Introduction to the Global Financial Environment and Financial Statements
  • Financial Decision Making, Ratio analysis and international issues
  • Investment Appraisal and international considerations
  • Financial Markets – Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • Risk – Portfolio Theory and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Cost of Capital
  • Capital Structure
  • Dividend Decision
  • Introduction to Foreign Currency Management
  • Current Issues in International Financial Management



This module will examine a range of theoretical and practical issues related to international finance.  The module is designed for students with little or no previous knowledge of accounting and finance.

Practical application of the techniques and interpretation of their results will be particularly emphasised.  Lectures and notes will form the basis and will provide an overview of the main theory and demonstrate the application of techniques. Online and tutorial activities such as practice questions, quizzes, BBL chat tool, and discussions will provide an opportunity for in-depth consideration and practical problem solving.

The module is supported via on-line resources through the use of Blackboard Learn which will provide the students with access to relevant academic journal articles, professional publications, lecture notes and answers to materials set; Students will be expected to engage in independent study, in order to reinforce their understanding of the materials covered.


100% Coursework

This coursework for this module comprises of one online quiz and one individual assignment.  There are two parts to the assessment, as follows:

Part 1: Week 9 (60%)

You are required to prepare/submit a report discussing the following:

Choose a Multinational Enterprise (MNE) listed on an internationally recognised Stock Exchange (including for example, London, Dublin, New York or Paris). You are required to:

a. Critically discuss two recent developments in the international financial environment appear to have impacted on your chosen company’s recent performance and development. Analyse how these two developments are likely to impact on the company in the near future.               (10 marks)

b. Discuss the following key elements of the MNE’s international financial and/or risk management strategy (and how they appear to have affected the financial performance of your chosen company):

  • Sources of finance
  • Dividend policy                                                                          (10 marks)

c.         With reference to your chosen Multinational Enterprise (and using the most recent annual report published), analyse the financial performance (in terms of profitability, liquidity, efficiency and investment) of the company in the two most recent consecutive financial periods ( e.g. 2017/18 or 2018/19)using 8 different accounting ratios (prior year comparative figures will be available in the annual report).                                                                                  (40 marks)                                      


(i) You must advise your tutor of your chosen multinational enterprise to ensure suitability for use and avoid duplication;

(ii) It is advisable to choose your multinational enterprise and download the most recent annual report by the end of week 1 – this will facilitate your preparation and allow you to effectively participate in weekly class activities;

(iii) Submission time/date for completed assignment is 12 midnight, on Friday in week 9

(iv) Submission method: online using Blackboard Learn (Turnitin/Dropbox facility).

(v) The word limit is 2,500 words (maximum) excluding charts and graphs but including all appendices.  This assignment assesses learning outcomes 1-4.

Part 2:  Week 12 (40%)         

Online activities will comprise of 40 questions which students are required to answer. Students will be assessed on topics including:  Financial Statements/Ratio analysis/EMH/CAPM/Cost of Capital/Capital Structure/Investment Appraisal/Foreign Currency Risk Management

Questions will consist of a combination of multiple choice and short stimulus questions assessed online using Blackboard Learn.  Time allowed: up to 120 minutes.  The precise day/time of assessment to be agreed with tutor.  This assignment will measure the student’s achievement of module learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3.

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