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Level 7: Reward Management: Summative Assessment (40572/35) 7RWM

Level 7: Reward Management: Summative Assessment (40572/35) 7RWM

Reward Management is a CIPD module of level 7 possessing the module of 7RWM

Aims and objectives of Reward Management 7RWM:

This CIPD module critically explores whole rewards in both internal and external contexts and presents learners with the understanding and knowledge of the context in which reward professional plan, apply, and assess employee reward policies to support strategic organisational outcomes. It examines both conceptual and normative methods of the diverse ways to reward management and develops learners’ ability to reflect on the adequacy and constraints on these methods in encouraging individual and organisational performance in a useful, reasonable, and impartial way.

Moreover, it examines the basis for pay and benefits management in contemporary organisations in both, public and private sectors and how these heritages can present consideration of approximate worth, individual, and collective contribution and value by interlaced into relevant and appropriate strategic designs. Reward Management also enables learners to understand the terms of historic, possible, and developmental options of rewards, the application of diagnostic and evaluative skills in developing flexible methods to reward and the constraints of executive and international pay arrangements.

Finally, it critically focuses on the theory and practice from a behavioural and professional perspective and for continuous professional development is forced.

Learning outcomes of Level 7 Reward Management:

After completion of the module 7RWM the learners will be able to:

  • Assess the terms within the environment, systems, and strategies of reward management.
  • Evaluates the main problems and issues in reward management.
  • Discuss traditional, contingent, and information bases for relational and transactional rewards.
  • Examine exile and executive reward in an external context.
  • Identify the conceptual apparatus and theoretical debates appraising reward management.
  • Design internally compatible reward structures that identify equity limitations and labour market.

The Level 7 Reward Management is beneficial for persons who:

  • Are responsible for Human Resource (HR) decision making in an organisation at an operational, tactical or more advanced level.
  • Are HR practitioners and professionals in a group or a team.
  • Has a role in HR functional management and wants to amplify and develop their understanding and skills required in their career.
  • Have a Human Resource (HR) career and professional membership aspiration.
  • Have authorities for the HR function and activities within an organisation without a specialist function.
  • Are employed or independent consultants who encourage organisations in meeting their final objectives and goals?

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