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Unit 18 Civil Engineering Technology

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Civil engineering technology is an integral part of the HNC/HND in Construction and Built Environment that imparts the knowledge and potentials to the learners about the construction industry and prepares the students to building road maps, designing structures, and surveying the construction projects using first-hand skills and experience. Civil engineers have to deal with various functions such as they supervise and map out designs for the buildings, work within environmental studies, substantiate different materials including concrete, soils, and crushed stone in the laboratory, etc. This unit provides the learners with the deeper insights of project management skills, carrying out fundamental design calculations, and constructing and managing different infrastructure schemes. The list of the functions does not end here. Unit 18 Civil Engineering Technology is a complex assignment. We know how students have been struggling previously. This is the reason why we have created an opportunity for students who are suffering with this unit. When you choose Assignment Experts UK, we ensure:

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We Ensure All Learning Outcomes (LOs) of Unit 18 Civil Engineering Technology Are Answered

They are held responsible for undertaking complex and challenging construction projects and have to plan, design, build, and control the entire work from the ground. Be it the development of roads, bridges, highways, public buildings, or whatnot, civil engineers has to deal with assorted types of infrastructures by exhibiting their expertise. Moreover, writers for unit 18 civil engineering technology are highly competent in sketching the engineering structures using computer skills and drafting tables along with the ability to critically measure the environmental conditions of the projects they deal with. On the whole, this unit enables the learners with all the knowledge and understanding about how to operate skilfully within the construction and building domain.

The unit civil engineering technology offers multiple job opportunities, some of them are listed below:

  • Design Engineer
  • Building Control Surveyor
  • Site Engineer
  • CAD Technician
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Estimator

These are just the employments that are directly connected with the field, however, there are different indirect jobs as well including Civil Engineering Geologist, Construction Manager, Patent Attorney, and Quantity Surveyor. In addition to this, students need to gain industrial work experience as well so that it could prolifically benefit them in their professional stage. Not only a solid experience develops a good understanding of the operations but it also guides you in implementing all the theoretical work practically. Hence, this discipline turns out the best to choose for those who wish to expand their skills and insights about every little aspect of the construction industry.

The Aims of Unit 18 Civil Engineering Technology Explained

The unit deals with four learning outcomes in all. The foremost one comprises the methods, equipment and techniques of earthworks and substructures that are employed in civil engineering. The learners would get to know that out of the many processes, the earthwork technique is quite essential in the domain. It refers to the procedures that involve dealing with different parts of earth’s surface including soils and rocks. Moreover, the core idea that revolves around the earthwork process is the excavation of  land into a smoother condition that could be used for the construction purpose. The tools that are required in the process include bulldozer, dragline, and dump truck. Apart from this, there are other methods as well that determine and execute particular tasks in the construction process.

The LO2 of Unit 18 enables the learners to showcase their skills and understanding through working on a given civil engineering scenario where they are required to propose a safety plan, risk assessment and method statement. Since there is always danger in the work of constructing and developing, it is necessary to ensure the safety and health of civil engineers. This unit provides the learners of how to coin safety plans and measures to avoid falling from the top of the buildings or breakage of any object or part of the structure. Hence, the unit teaches the learners with adequate knowledge of safety legislation and codes of practice to be implemented in the context of construction. Additionally, the next aim of the unit 18 civil engineering technology is to make the concepts of the learners’ concrete by presenting them with a civil engineering problem and then analysing it by suggesting the best solutions. The learners would have a better understanding of different aspects of construction such as environmental, quality, geotechnical, and economic. Furthermore, the last learning outcome carries the phenomenon setting up a design proposal for a new infrastructure project. In this task, the learner has to demonstrate his understanding by interpreting different methods and techniques to devise a consolidated infrastructure design proposal for the given situation. Consequently, this unit covers the significance, uses, functions and impact of the civil engineering technology in a broader picture. 

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