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LO1 Assess individual and group skills in order to allocate roles within a collaborative team.

Assignment Title Managing Risks in Modern Construction

Unit Learning Outcomes:

LO1 Assess individual and group skills in order to allocate roles within a collaborative team.

LO2 Plan a construction project, based on the Pearson-set theme, in collaboration with others to ensure good practice in resource management, staffing and project scheduling.

LO3 Prepare tender documentation; undertaking work appropriate to a defined role within a team.

LO4 Evaluate own work, and the work of others, in a collaborative team.

1 Define your project type and scope. This may be stated as a research question, objectives or a hypothesis. 2. Provide a Project Statement that includes: a. Clear description of the type of project and the scope of work b. Provide a review of literature and precedents (existing projects) to give background and context for your proposal. These should provide evidence of existing knowledge and benchmarks; against which your work may be evaluated.

3. Within your collaborative team, define clear roles and responsibilities. These should support a project methodology; leading to clear bodies of work and information to be produced by each member of the team. 4. By bringing together points 1-3 (above), prepare a Project Proposal to be reviewed, discussed and agreed with your tutor. 5. Carry-out the research and work, as defined in your Project Proposal. 6. Ensure that you are recording both individual and team activities. These should be clearly logged. 7. Prepare all necessary documentation, information and presentation material necessary to communicate your project outcomes in a professional manner. 8. Reflect on the success of your project, as a team, and your performance at the end of the project with the inclusion of a project evaluation and recommendations


Task 1 • Evaluate own skills and the skills of others through skills auditing and review. • Develop role descriptions and responsibilities within a team. • Discuss the allocation of roles within a collaborative team to meet overall project needs. • Justify the allocation of roles and responsibilities within a team, recognising individual skills and ambitions vs project requirements.

Task 2 • Develop a project plan to ensure successful achievement of completed project. • Illustrate resource planning (both physical and human) as well as time planning. • Interpret events and activities in a project plan in order to indicate milestones, and risks. • Critically evaluate the relationships between project planning and tender documentation, highlighting ways in which tender information responds to project planning.

Task 3 • Develop construction drawings and specifications as required. • Prepare a cost plan. • Produce a pre-construction health & safety method and risk assessment statement. • Evaluate the ways in which Building Information Modelling can provide greater efficiency in collaborative preparation of tender documentation

Task 4 • Undertake a continual review of their own work, recording this throughout the project . • Evaluate their own working practices in relation to that of other members of the team, identifying areas of good practice. • Evaluate their own personality profile in relation to your working practices . • Critically evaluate the success of a project by considering individual and group working practices in relation to assigned roles and personality profiles.

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