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LO1: Explain the role of the Human Resource function within an organisational context

Foundation Degree in Business & Management (Year 1)

Human Resource Management (New Code)

School of Business, Management and Professional

Semester 1



Completion of this work will satisfy the following learning outcomes from module new code:

LO1: Explain the role of the Human Resource function within an organisational context

LO2: Examine the effectiveness of recruitment and selection strategies in an organisational setting

LO3: Analyse approaches to talent management using best practice models

LO4: Examine and assess HR systems and processes in management of organisational performance and achievement of objectives


You are required to produce a report that examines the HRM function and its impact on organisational performance in a business context.  

Consider the following areas within your report:

  1. the role of the HR function within an organisational context LO1
  2. the effectiveness of recruitment and selection strategies to maintain organisational performance LO2
  3. approaches used to manage talent linked to organisational performance along with an exploration of good practice models LO3
  4. explore HR systems and procedures and how they enable the achievement of business objectives LO4

You will need to include and reference at least 8 different academic sources including at least 3 books, 2 statistical/numerical sources and 2 journals that helps provide supporting evidence for any assertions that you make. Your report should be no more than 4,000 words +or- 10%. All written work should be submitted online through Turnitin, via Schoology. You must include both a reference list and bibliography.

This task will meet learning outcomes LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4 has a 100% weighting towards the assessment for this module


The skills development opportunities identified in this assignment are:

  • The application of theory to management practice.
  • Contribute effectively and ethically in making judgements that would inform or benefit management practice
  • Demonstrate written communication skills in a range of contexts.
  • Effectively communication ideas drawn from your research within the presentation of your report
  • Analyse facts and draw conclusions through an examination of human resource management in a business context



Indicative Content


HRM Report

You are required to examine the role of Human Resource Management within a business context, looking at organisational development and the role of Human Resource management aligned to implementing change, workforce planning, organisational structure, growth and expansion.

The effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process in a business context should be evaluated to consider how it supports achievement of its purpose and complies with legislative requirements under the Equalities Act.  Case law examples and recommendations for improvement should be considered. 

You are required to analyse the impact of staff development and talent management on employee performance. You will explore best practice models and the benefits they have on organisational performance.

A critical assessment of how effective HR systems and policies such as Sickness, Grievance or Performance Management impact on business operations and practice.

 Attribution of higher grades are associate with:

  • evidence of good research and judgements made supported by business theory within all written work
  • evidence of wide reading around topics to support conclusions drawn
  • effective use of the Harvard referencing format good use of spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout all written work


















Start answering the assignment from learning outcome 1 LO1: Explain the role of the Human Resource function within an organisational context 

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