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1. Create evidence based care strategies based on the presenting underlying pathophysiology. Part 1

MSc Adult Nursing – Post graduate level 7

Integrated Nursing Care of the Adult Patient

This work is composed of two assignments:

-        1. Summative assignment (1500 words)

-        2. Assignment (electronic powerpoint poster) – (1000 words)

  • please choose one of the case studies attached to complete the two assignments.
  • Either Case study A (Patient with Dementia)
  • Or case study B (Patient with Cardiac chest pain)
  • The case study you choose must be the same for both assignments (summative assignment 1 and assignment 2 (electronic powerpoint).
  • I have attached all relevant information to help you produce the work.
  • Please take your time and read through carefully
  • Remember this is a level 7 piece of work and as such you need to support your discussion with relevant literature references.
  • Please ensure there is a lot of references in the body work.
  • Plagiarism report needed -/+3%
  • Reference: APA (references should not be older than 10 years)
  1. 1.     SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT (1500 words)


Introduction (150 words)

  • Introduce your assignment
  • Set the scene of the essay
  • Define any major concepts that will be explored
  • Reference should be made to the patient in the case study
  • Detail that this is a fictional case study and therefore will not breach confidentiality of any real patients in line with the NMC (2018) code.
  • Reflect the wording in the learning outcomes to ensure that you give a clear and full introduction.

Communication (400 words)

  • Evaluate the range of communication skills, models, and strategy the nurse might use to interact with this patient
  • This will include verbal and non-verbal communication skills, critical analysis of advanced communication techniques as well as communication models and theories
  • Provide a critical discussion of the relevant barriers to communication
  • Your discussion should include factors such as the environment, patient symptoms, fear, anxiety, attitudes and beliefs of the patient and their relatives
  • Show extensive reading around these skills and strategies
  • How does the strategy help to improve communication and patient outcomes?
  • Is it an appropriate strategy for this patient?
  • What are the advantages and limitations?

Psychological Response (400 words)

  • Provide a critical exploration of one psychological response of this sign or symptom including a coping strategy
  • Consider the patient in the case study living with the sign or symptom you have explored and critically discuss how this will result in stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Critically discuss one coping strategy in response to the psychological response. Support with literature to critically analyse the coping strategy and its outcomes.
  • A definition of a coping strategy is expected
  • Read extensively around coping strategies that the patient may adopt. Are these positive or negative? Active or passive?
  • Why might these be adopted according to literature? Consider the overall patient here (symptoms and psychosocial, lifestyle, perceptions, and beliefs).

The Holistic Role of the Nurse (400 words)

  • Explore one evidence-based strategy or intervention to manage the psychological response you have identified.
  • A critical discussion of the psychological intervention or strategy is expected.
  • This will demonstrate a critical discussion of findings of relevant resources.
  • This will include research papers, policies, NICE Guidance, protocols which highlights the efficacy and limitations of the psychological intervention identified.
  • Read extensively around the psychological intervention

Conclusion (150 words)

  • Draw a conclusion from the key points raised in your case study
  • This must highlight a brief reflection of the key learning you have gained from writing this case study.

-        2. Assignment (electronic powerpoint poster) – (1000 words)

This must be on A2 powerpoint poster – as per example attached.

References must be included


  • Select the case study you have used for assignment 1.
  • Discuss the patient’s key symptoms and link these to the underlying pathophysiology (300 words)
  • Discuss one evidence-based nursing intervention or strategy to manage the main sign or symptom (300 words)
  • Consider any integrated care needs, for example discharge into a community setting (100 words)
  • Critically discuss one research paper to explore the effectiveness of your nursing intervention (300 words). This should include the:
    • Aim / purpose of research
    • Methodology
    • Method
    • Findings
    • Limitations
    • How does this contribute to the existing body of knowledge?

PS: just for your information about this work:

Learning Outcomes:
Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Create evidence based care strategies based on the presenting underlying pathophysiology. Part 1
  2. Critically discuss the need for a range of skills for managing     care across the range of health care settings. Part 1&2
  3. Critically explore the care of the patient across the adult life span. Part 1&2
  4. Investigate the psychological elements of the response to illness and disordered physiology. Part 2

Learning Outcomes:
Skills and Attributes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to critically develop and adapt a range of communication strategies for interacting with an adult patient. Part 2
  2. Present an understanding of the psychological responses and coping strategies of adults with disordered physiology. Part 2
  3. Demonstrate the ability to create evidence based care strategies based on the underlying pathophysiology. Part 1

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