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LO 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of debates related to your Research Project.

School of Media and Communication

Name of Unit: Critical Issues in Fashion Research (FU009036)

Unit Leader:

Critical Issues in Fashion Research (FU009036)

Teaching Team:

Cultural and Historical Studies teaching team

Programme Administration Contact:

Stage / Level: 2 / 5

Block: 1

Credit Rating: 20

 Timetable: UAL Timetable

Learning Outcomes (LO) and Assessment Criteria

On completion of this unit you will be able to:

LO 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of debates related to your Research Project. (Knowledge)

LO 2 Evaluate, engage and apply relevant theoretical tools. (Enquiry)

LO 3 Identify and carry out appropriate approaches to research. (Process)

LO 4 Articulate your research and present your ideas through a written academic essay. (Communication)

Assessment Criteria - Critical Issues in Fashion Research (FU009036)

Your work in this unit will be marked against the UAL assessment criteria, which are designed to give you clear feedback on your achievement. The full assessment criteria descriptions can be found on the UAL Assessment webpage.


· A 3,000 word academic essay (See individual Project briefs on Moodle for details).

What you have to produce for Assessment

  • A 3,000 word academic essay. This unit is assessed holistically (100% of the unit).

Submission Information

LO 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of debates related to your Research Project. 

Assessment Deadline

20 January 2022

15:00 UK Time

Adjusted Assessment Deadline


Additional time is available, on request, to disabled students with this provision included in their Individual Support Agreement (ISA):

3 February 2022

15:00 UK Time

Submission Location

Submission online via Turnitin (Feedback Studio) located in the Moodle CHS Critical Issues in Fashion Research page. Please submit (a single) document (in PDF or Word ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format) no larger than 100 Mb

Digital Submission Information

Please note that as part of the submission process, the University will utilise Turnitin UK to check the authenticity and originality of your work.

Submission Queries

LCF Digital Learning site includes step-by-step guides to uploading assignments.

If you have any other queries relating to your submission, please use the following email contact address for help: [email protected]

If you are experiencing technical difficulties uploading your assignment, please contact the Digital Learning Support team: [email protected]

Anonymous Marking

This assessment will not be marked anonymously because anonymous marking systems are not currently available for units taken by students from multiple courses. However, internal moderation and all other elements of the assessment process will remain in place for this assignment. This is to make sure the assessment is fair, accurate and consistent for all students. LO 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of debates related to your Research Project. 

Date to expect feedback by

Three to Four weeks from your submission date.

How you will receive feedback

You will receive feedback online via the Assessment Feedback platform. 

Please note feedback is indicative until confirmed at an Exam Board.

Publication of Examination Board Results

10 March 2022

You must check your student portal under myAssessments for confirmation of the Exam Board decision.

Course Regulations

The Course Regulations webpages include useful information on the key regulations for your course, such as:

  • What happens if you fail a piece of work or miss a deadline;
  • What to do if you are ill or have other extenuating circumstances;
  • How to avoid plagiarism in your work;
  • What to do if you want to appeal an exam board decision. LO 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of debates related to your Research Project. 

Material Costs

Work presented for assessment will be evaluated against unit learning outcomes using UAL’s Assessment Criteria. Increased expenditure on materials to realise your assignment will not equate to increased grades in your assessment. Critical Issues in Fashion Research (FU009036)

LCF provides a broad range of resources to support your studies and to produce work for assessment. However the additional costs you might incur whilst studying this unit, depending on personal choice, could include: 

  • Consumable stationery including reporters notebooks, folders, pens and pencils
  • For research, you may choose to attend events that carry a cost of entry or to purchase products that bear a cost LO 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of debates related to your Research Project. 

You can discuss your choices and likely costs with your unit leader prior to starting your work.

Critical Issues in Fashion Research (FU009036)

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