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Consider how attendance, appearance and communication could have an impact on your professional conduct and how your actions could affect the health and safety of a patient.

Assessment Title :

As a nation we are experiencing unprecedented times with the current Covid-19 pandemic and the NHS is carrying the burden of disease. As a student radiographer working in the NHS it has never been more important to behave in a professional and ethical manner, during clinical working hours and in your home life. With reference to this statement, discuss how attendance, appearance and communication may impact on your professional conduct and the health and safety of your patients.

Assessment Requirements:

The coursework will address the following learning outcome:

1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the placement themes identified in the Level 4 placement portfolio. (communication, proffessionalism, knowledge and understanding)

What to include:

Consider how attendance, appearance and communication could have an impact on your professional conduct and how your actions could affect the health and safety of a patient. Appropriate examples may be included to demonstrate a point of discussion

The coursework should clearly describe examples from regulations and legislation related to professionalism in clinical practice. It will be necessary to identify the key attributes/skills that identify someone as a professional and discuss the wider implications that this has on their actions in everyday life.

You should consider the following:

1. how professionalism is achieved/produced
2. why professionalism is necessary
3. the skills, values and professional requirements necessary to become an effective therapeutic radiographer including the need for personal and professional development and lifelong learning;
4. the value of regulations and legislation related to clinical practice.
5. Why is it important to act in the best interests of the patient, showing respect for their rights, dignity and autonomy.

Compiling information

As with all written coursework you need to:

1. assimilate knowledge and understanding from your core lectures
2. supplement core knowledge through wider reading of books, journal articles and through discussion
3. identify key points and arrange them in a logical structure so your essay will ‘flow’

How to structure your coursework

This essay should be written in 3rd person; at no point should the terms ‘I’, ‘we’ or ‘you’ be included in your writing.

You should provide an introduction that sets out your topic area, the points that will be discussed within the body of the text and the aims of the essay.

The main body of the text should provide a description/discussion of professionalism (remember to back up your points by citing relevant sources). Good discussions will usually require reference to more than one source e.g. peer reviewed journal articles; books and web references, in order to support those discussions and create contrasting opinions. You must ensure that you can write enough concise detail and discussion/ evaluation to achieve level 4 quality within the given word count, whilst minimising a descriptive approach.

Your conclusion should draw together your discussion, summarising your learning and the main points discussed. You should not introduce any new information at this point.

The reference list comes after the conclusion - note it is not included in the overall word count. The essay and reference list should be submitted as one document. Ensure you follow the HSK Referencing Guidelines 2019-20. A minimum of 10 reference sources should be included within your assignment and subsequent reference list. A bibliography may be listed separately.

Note, carefully integrated citations of reference sources will improve the quality of your work, whereas poorly integrated/cited references usually detract – the work should not merely be a series of paraphrased material taken from source materials but should have reference material carefully incorporated into your discussions/evaluations.

Note that marks awarded for referencing encompass not only the number of sources cited, but also quality, relevance, age and how well the information gained from those sources has been integrated within your own writing.

As an approximate guide, you should aim to spend a minimum of 15 hours dedicated study time (not including background reading) in preparation of the essay.

How to present your essay

1. On the front sheet state your student number and the word count clearly (this will be checked to ensure the assignment is within accepted limits: 1500 words (+/- 10%)

Word-processed with text at either 1.5 or double spacing

1. Font size should be 12 for main text – larger and smaller font sizes are permissible for headings, titles, labels and text within diagrams
2. Type face is discretionary but should be easily read (e.g. Arial)
3. Page numbers and student number to be included on each page

Useful sources of information include:

Refer to related lectures covering the following topics: - Communication skills; reflective practice; expectations and professionalism. Other useful may include but not limited to:

Health and Care Professions Council (2013) Standards of Proficiency for Radiographers. London. HPCP.
Health and Care Professions Council (2016) Standards of conduct, performance and ethics. London HCPC
SCoR Code of Professional Conduct (2013)
Matiti, M. and Baillie, L. (2011) Dignity in healthcare, a practical approach for nurses and midwives. London. Radcliffe Publishing
International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics (Red journal)
Radiotherapy and Oncology (Green journal)

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