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Question 301 to 310

Teaching Program Great Expecations Charles Dickens

Students are required to engage in a critical analysis of two academic journal articles with a focus on the research approaches that have been applied and the use of primary and secondary data for sampling, analysis and presentation of data.

Recognising signs and indicators of suicide in mental health

Critically analyse how two criminological theories provide different explanations to offending behaviour

Create a compliance matrix and prepare a FAR-compliant proposal in response to the RFP from Assignment 2.

1. Demonstrate an understanding of financial accounting concepts, principles and procedures, including internal control.

Explore one of the plays studied this term in relation to their historical and cultural contexts (that is, contemporary British and Irish theatre and / or fifth-century Greece BC). You should include a wealth of detailed reference to the text or texts that you have chosen to analyse.

Identify, define, and evaluate the influence of technology on human culture