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Question 121 to 130

By referring to relevant legislation and case law, critically discuss the following duty of a director of a company: Duty to act within powers (section 171 Companies Act 2006).

You are a business advisor that is specialised in strategic positioning. You have been approached by JD Sports that was nominated in the ‘Business of the year’ category by the City AM Awards 2019.

Explain the social, cultural, educational, financial and environmental factors which influence health and social well-being

What are the potential limitations of a scoring system like this?

1) Is the UK Criminal Justice System Institutionally Racist?

What problems do we currently have in society/world that need our attention?

2. Why have the IMF and the OECD concluded that rising income and wealth inequality has slowed economic growth?

KU2: Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and critical understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, theories, methods, techniques and tools in the application

Help countries develop priorities, establish programs, and advocate for resources for school health and youth health programs and policies

Discuss the development of Services Marketing as a distinct marketing discipline and evaluate the arguments around the separation of goods and services, including conclusions that may be drawn from more recent market developments.

1. Evaluate the varied contexts in which the law of tort exists and be able to make comparisons with other branches of law;

Construction sites, when poorly managed, could give rise to high levels of noise; unacceptable levels of dust emissions; release of chemicals into the air, water and soil; danger to visitors and trespassers; etc.