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Question 311 to 320

Identify a health issue – at individual / family / community / national / global levels and provide brief background of the health issue including who is at risk, risk factors, and how it presents.

LO2: Analyse the importance of different leadership styles and skills within organisations

Sree decides to visit her neighbour Ritin, to see if he wants any shopping. Ritin is elderly and cannot always get to the shops if he is feeling unwell.

a. Discuss two curriculum or instructional strategies you would use to improve the alignment of your curriculum to the standard(s) that you chose for part B.

1. Regarding the non-literal copying of computer programs, critically analyse the contention that the protection afforded by the UK courts of computer programs extends the scope of copyright beyond the protection of expression into the protection

Outline and articulate the statutory and common law provisions in relation to business law. Use a wide variety of case law to illustrate the legal issues.

Mullins (2016, p73) states that “All organisations have their own individual character, culture and sense of identity, and differ in their attributes, processes and methods of working.”

Identify the personal and interpersonal skills needed by effective managers.

Examine factors that may require your organisation to change, and identify a change required in the workplace that will benefit the organisation.