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Question 321 to 330

Write a concept paper on the topic Cultural Complexities, implication for strategic management.

Critically analyse this statement with reference to key and relevant academic literature pertaining to the experiences of Britain’s Black Communities.

Your task is to write a report that describes, explains and analyses three relevant news articles published in the UK national press (in print or online)

Highways England’s roles are: operating, maintaining and improving England Strategic road network, and using the strategic network to help promote growth of the UK economy.

In relation to your chosen company or organisation write a report critically analysing the differences between the Internal Audit and External Audit.

a) Demonstrate strategic and tactical marketing awareness, globally, through interpretation of national and international markets and marketing trends in the business context

You are working for a property consultancy firm engaged as project managers for the refurbishment and extension of an industrial estate recently acquired by a client of your firm

Imagine that you are the CIO of a multinational firm. Propose three ways that cloud computing may be used in addressing recovery and continuity on a global scale.

1.1 Describe the principles of energy and utilities management (including drivers of for the management policies (e.g. , compliance, environmental impact, cost efficiency)

You will be able to develop in-depth assessed in this module understanding of the entrepreneurial process of finding valuable opportunities and developing a business to pursue them.