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Question 401 to 410

1.1 Describe the different types of organisations found in the public and private sectors in a named country

Women are still predominantly the main victims of violence in the intimate sphere. However, there is a growing idea that number of men who are victim of violence in the intimate sphere is also increasing

1.1 review sources of funding available to business and services industries

LO1 Acquire a systematic understanding of the empirical research on technology and innovation management.

Delroy is a 65 -year-old gentleman admitted to hospital with shortness of breath. He has Stage 3 Heart Failure which was diagnosed 3 years ago. His respiratory symptoms have improved, and he is to be discharged home.

Although historically most FDI has been directed to developed nations, FDI into developing nations has increased significantly over past 20 years. Discuss main theories explaining FDI and examine costs and benefits of FDI using FDI data