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Systemic review diabetes

Pay special attention to
1: format and structure
2: word count for each part
3: PICO(professors are obsessed with this ), jaded score, removing references, prisma flow chart and everything mentioned as requirement of systemic review according to the format provided by the university.

How to conduct a SR (3 stages)

1-Conducting the SR

Select a topic, set a search strategy, run the search,  Find the relevant articles -complete the working sheets and Prisma flowchart).

2-Writing the SR  

Follow the instruction in the assessment brief.

3- Assessment Brief

Checking the SR  using Prisma Checklist



How to form the systematic review question

The parts of the review question are often referred to as ‘PICO’

  • Participants
  • Interventions
  • Comparisons / conventional TT, placebo, other treatment, no treatment
  • Outcomes. An event or measurement collected for participants in a study (such as quality of life, mortality.
  • The included studies generally randomly assign participants to the intervention under investigation or the control or comparative intervention. 

The structure of the SR

  • Title it needs to be narrow and formulated based on PICO. 
  • Abstract (200-300) should be structured as follows:
  • Background: One or two sentences about the intervention
  • Aim: Main aim using PICO
  • Method: Databases used for search, study design and outcomes you are interested in.
  • Results: Total number of studies with total number of patients, as well as the results of the outcomes reviewed
  • Conclusion: Main conclusion from the Systematic Review.
  • Key words:  4- 5 key words.

Assessment #2 Systematic review-75% 

  • Submission deadline: Submission deadline: 5th /07/2021 at 2:00 pm
  • Word Count: 3000 words, Reference lists
  • References, tables and figures are not included in the word count.
  • Reference style: Vancouver

Assessment #2 Systematic review-75% 

  • Write a systematic review comparing between two therapeutic interventions in Diabetes.
  • Alternatively,  Assessing the efficacy and safety of a therapeutic intervention in Diabetes.


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