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This report is a self reflection report which enables to identify a career action plan based on the research conducted for the firts assessment CW1 .

This report is based on the research conducted for the first assessment. From the tutor feedback the role chosen for the CW 1 was to senior as required an experience professional so for this assignment I have chosen the role Coffe shop Assistant Manager so will have to find the new job advertisement for this role and include this in appendix. In the introduction you need to mention that the role chosen for the first assignment was too senior and the new role has been chosen for current report.

Introduction – 10 marks

  • Provide a paragraph outlining what your assignment will cover.
  • From CW1, you will need to include a brief summary of the job opportunity that you identified and also the full list of the key skills and knowledge/expertise that you identified as being required. 
  • These will form the basis for your self-evaluation. 
  • Summary of what the assignment will cover
Introduction – what that means
  • Summarise the advert/role you chose from your first assignment, highlighting the competencies and skills needed for that role
  • It is important that you review the research you did for your first assignment and also the feedback you got from that assignment.
  • Include any feedback you got from the first assignment and reflect on how that will impact this assignment
  • If you don’t want to use the advert from the first assignment, or you were told to identify a more suitable one, that is fine but you must explain this in the introduction and get the new one approved by your lecturer. 
  • If you were recommended to review the skills list, then do that at this stage and explain what you have added.
Personal analysis – 30 marks

A general review of your current skills, knowledge and experience related to those identified in CW1. 

You need to provide evidence for this analysis, so you can include the feedback and information reviewed within the seminars as well as work experience, and volunteering.  You can also include information from your e-portfolio, if the skills identified match those in the e-portfolio.  The aim is to highlight current strengths, and also areas to focus your personal development around. 

  • Reflect on the following areas:  
  • What areas do you lack evidence in? 
  • Where do you need further examples / evidence in your applications? 
  • Where do you feel weak in your overall application

Use the SWOT analysis we did  earlier in the course to help you think about this.

Include objective evidence as well as reflection

  • Belbin team-roles
  • Feedback from assignments or other modules
  • Aptitude tests
  • Feedback from work and/or customers
  • Feedback from Graduate Challenge e-portfolio if relevant
  • References
  • You can include any supporting information in the appendices

Career action plan – 20 marks

Once you have identified the areas you need to focus on, you need to prepare a Career Action Plan which addresses both the personal development and specific career related activities you will undertake to take you forward. 

This plan should include the knowledge, skills and experiences you need to further develop.  You should come up with clear actions to get you to where you want to be. You should show the resources you will use to move the area of development forward and the timescales you will complete these in. This should cover as a minimum the time remaining to your graduation. 

This plan can be presented in the form of a table 

Career Action plan – what that means

  • How will you address the gaps identified in the previous section?
  • Use SMART objectives.  Consider your objectives, success criteria (how will you identify if you achieve them) and the time frame
  • As well as building on any gaps, you might also continue to develop strengths, or take action for some of the opportunities or threats
  • Don’t just focus on knowledge – identify skills too.  A good career action plan will have a combination of skills, knowledge and career related activities
SMART Action Plan for skills development
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time frame

For example – if you identify ineffective team-working skills how would you frame a SMART objective to improve/develop?


  • I will aim to improve my contribution in all group meetings (at work, in Uni, with friends).  I will ask for feedback from colleagues on the level and quality of contribution.
  • I will aim to take the leadership role in the next group assignment.
Career action plan examples 
  • The job description state that one of the responsibilities will be to gather and analyse data.  One of the modules for next year is XXX which will teach the knowledge and skills I need to analyse data. I will give myself until the end of the module in order to see whether I have achieved the goal. I know I will have achieved my goal and understood all of the business analytical skills that are taught within the module if I am able to achieve at least a 60% within the module
Career Action plan ideas
  • You might identify networking as something you want to start doing
  • Choose a module for L5 to address any weaknesses
  • Gain work experience or internships
  • Develop language skills
  • Visit the careers team
  • Join societies at Uni or outside
  • Join a professional body
  • Volunteering opportunities

Other examples

Final sections
  • CV section 
    • Include your CV within the appendices of the report so it is not part of the wordcount
    • CV should be targeted at the job advert you identified in the first assignment and which you have reviewed in the introduction to this assignment

  • LinkedIn Profile
    • A snapshot of the profile should be included as an appendix, and should include:-
      • Photo
      • headline and summary,
      • companies (at least 2)
      • groups (at least 2)
      • skills (at least 4),
      • education,

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